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Trina has arrived in Yosemite

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Trina has arrived in Yosemite


Trina arrived last night in Yosemite National Park and spent the day today sorting gear and preparing for an early start tomorrow morning. Her guide mark and herself we’ll meet at 5:30 a.m. For the 30 minute hike in and begin to climb.

Yosemite is abuzz with the news of Alex Honnold completing The Climb called Freerider on El Capitan on Saturday in a little over four hours. He did it free solo which means without a rope or any protection of any kind. One mistake and it’s all over. Onlookers watched his progress up the difficult climb rated 5.13a which is a unattainable level for most climbers even with a rope.  Friends at times turned away because they were afraid of watching some horrific end. However Alex climbed it with Incredible calmness and speed and made it safely to The Summit.

When Trina starts her climb tomorrow morning it will definitely not be a free solo, and not even free climbing, which means using a rope to catch a fall but not using any gear or aid devices to move up.

Her type of climbing is called Aid climbing in which many of the pitches are climbed by placing gear in cracks and on bolts an arm reach up and then using the gear to move up instead of using one’s hands and feet on the rock. By doing so a climber can make their way over difficult pitches that otherwise would not be doable for their skill level or even at all.

Her guide mark will lead the pitch, moving up a rope length at a time. the Rope is secured at a convenient anchor spot and Trina as she second climber will ascend up the rope, using devices called jumars.  This technique is called jugging and is extremely strenuous like doing 10000 pull ups.  While Trina jugs up, Mark will be hauling the two large gear bags weighing more than 40 pounds each which contain food water sleeping bag and all the necessary gear for spending three nights on the wall.  Once Trina and the gear are at the anchor station the cycle repeats in the next pitch is climbed.  The experience of hanging out on a big wall thousands of feet in the air is exhilarating.

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