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[Latest!] Friday Progress Report – Day 4

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[Latest!] Friday Progress Report – Day 4

Friday Night at Camp VI


Donations to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation have been pouring in!!  

Since the 2900 Challenge began only 2 days ago,there have been $1530 raised as of Friday morning.  

With Stone Garden’s generous matching program, that is $3060 added and Trina hasn’t even finished the climb yet!  

Thank you to all the generous donors that have contributed.  It is never too late to join in the challenge,

please consider  a $29 contribution for the 2900 feet that Trina is climbing


Trina and Mark slept Thursday night at Camp IV which is a tiny sloping ledge and not very comfortable. The portaledge is a more comfortable flat surface to sleep on but had to be set up with a huge step up from the ledge.  As Trina needs to take bathroom breaks many times during the night, it was too difficult to get on and off so she gave the portaledge to Mark and she laid out on the ledge.  Apparently is was none too comfortable and she felt like she was sliding towards the edge all night.  She ended up in the position you see in the photo on her knees leaning over and burying her head.  Not very comfortable and I am sure not much sleep!  

The morning started pretty cold and overcast with a little rain.  This apparently did not slow them down.  They got to work getting past the first major obstacle of the day, The Great Roof.  It is a daunting overhanging rock.  The climb follows the crack up under the roof, and then a long traverse right to get around the side.  Traverses like this are usually more difficult for the second climber as the gear must be removed along the way.  This gets tricky as the climber so much weight has been placed on the pieces, they can be very difficult to unlodge.  It becomes very technical since the climber has to move past the last piece so the weight is shifted to the following piece, then reach back and work the last piece out from the crack.  It can be a very slow and frustrating process.

The pictures show Mark leading up to and around The Great Roof.  No pictures yet of Trina climbing it.

After that the only message sent back was to announce their arrival at Camp VI late in the day.  A poor internet connection prevented any more updates or photos from the day, so we will wait and see what tomorrow brings.  I would expect them to summit tomorrow.  The plan was to spend one night on top to rest before starting on the 6 hour hike down Sunday.


Camp IV was not a very comfortable sleep

The sleep position taken to prevent sliding towards the edge…

Mark on lead approaching The Great Roof

Traversing to the right under The Great Roof

Pancake Flake above The Great Roof



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