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Tuesday Progress Report – Day 1

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Tuesday Progress Report – Day 1

Tuesday Night on Sickle Ledge

Trina and Mark (her guide) got on the climb at 7am today.  By 9am they had made it to Sickle Ledge (see the map) and caught up to two slower parties.  The other parties planned to sleep on the next significant ledge called Dolt Tower, which is where Mark & Trina had also planned to overnight.  The ledge is too small for all so Mark & Trina decided to stay put on Sickle Ledge for the night.  They were done the day at 9am!  It will probably put them into an extra day, but this should not cause a problem, and they contacted another party starting tomorrow to meet up with them and bring an extra day of food.

So the rest of day was spent snoozing and trying to get some shade.


Monday 6am – Trina & Mark leaving the parking lot this morning

Trina getting last minute “Beta” from Steve Schneider (or better known as Shipoopi). Shipoopi is OG in Yosemite. He has climbed El Cap over 80 times and along with Hans Flourine was the first to speed climb up The Nose in less than one day (Nose In A Day or NIAD). He and Hans once climbed The Nose three times in one day!

Final gear check by Mark before leaving the ground for 5 days

Ready to go!

Mark fixed a rope to Sickle Ledge a couple of days ago, so they can quickly make the first few pitches climbing directly up the rope. The haul bag at the bottom of the shot is one of two bags affectionately known as “The Pig”. Over 40lbs each, it contains food, water, clothing, & gear to spend days and nights on the wall. Water being the heaviest item, is always in short supply.

Monday 8:54am – Trina at Sickle Ledge waiting for other parties ahead to clear. CLICK ON PHOTO and find Sickle Ledge on the Map.

View from Sickle Ledge looking up to the party climbing ahead fo them

Getting some shade and some rest!

Sickle Ledge

The end to a great first day. Night time on Sickle Ledge.


Leslie Begert

June 8, 2017at 10:50 am

Looking good Trina!! Proud of you for taking on a challenge like this!!


June 6, 2017at 4:53 pm

Epic! Have fun. We are with you.

Mark Smedley

June 6, 2017at 2:06 pm

Relax and have fun. Mark’s a great guy. You’ve got this. Cheers!!!

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