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Climb On !

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Climb On !


Last September I attempted to climb The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite.  After the second night on the wall, and about 1/3 of the way to the top, my guide Miranda Oakley  and I were forced to retreat due to weather and logistical problems.  Although we retreated, I didn’t consider it a failure.  4 months of training for the climb had helped to improve my health, and I had gained so much experience and insight being on the wall for 3 days.

I came off the wall content knowing that I had tried my best, but I was done.  After only a few weeks however, I started developing amnesia about all the discomforts of living on the wall.  Instead I kept thinking about everything that could have been done better, and how much I really enjoyed the challenge. I wanted to return to Yosemite to finish what I started.

I knew I must go back. It’s an internal drive, not one that I can easily explain.

The wonderful people at Stone Gardens climbing gym once again got behind me.  They immediately committed resources for training and help with fundraising.  I could not make this happen without their support.

So, here we go, training again, Climb On !  I plan to return to make another attempt on The Nose of El Cap in June 2017 while raising money to help find a cure for IBD! 

Please join me on this journey, and …

Never, Never, Never Give Up,




Fundraising Goal

#FF0000 Raised $37,400 towards the $35,000 target.

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