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Thank You

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Thank You

Dear Friends, Family, Patients and Stone Gardens,

From the start, I had 3 goals in mind for Climb to Cure Crohn’s & Colitis (C4now.org)


  1. Raise awareness about IBD.
  2. Raise money for research through the CCFA
  3. Climb The Leaning Tower


When I first dreamed up this project, I realized it could only happen if Stone Gardens climbing gym agreed to get on board.  This is a highly technical climb and not one that I could train for without special permission in using the gym and instruction on these techniques.  Fortunately, they are very charitable and could see the mission and importance of the climb from Day 1. They agreed and partnered with my charity C4now.org


I want to thank you for taking the time to read my frequent newsletters, facebook posts and blogs.  I hope that this has helped in some small way to raise awareness about IBD, both Crohn’s & Colitis as well as living with any chronic or autoimmune disease.  Life has its challenges and we all have our stories.  I thank you for taking the time to learn about mine.


To date, I have raised over $26,000 to benefit research through the generosity of over 200 donors. Thank you.  Today, both CCFA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) actively support research in the field of IBD, and there are approximately 80 new therapies in the pipeline as a result. The money raised by this climb will be used fully towards research.


Thanks to the commitment of my family, my own doctors and Stone Gardens, I had the right skills the right weather and the right moment to climb and Top Out on The Leaning Tower.  It was an awesome climb, made just a little more special when I heard the little voices of my kids through the radio as I pulled myself over the second roof of the climb; as they watched in binoculars from the valley below.


Thank you Stone Gardens for your support of this climb:

Photos Below:

Never, Never, Never Give Up,

With Gratitude, Trina Seligman


Fundraising Goal

#FF0000 Raised $37,400 towards the $35,000 target.

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