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What Did Your Mom Say ?

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What Did Your Mom Say ?


Thank you for your Partnership Stone Gardens


What did your mom say ?


Preparing for a Big Wall, particularly when you have a health care issue inevitably leads to many questions, but one of the most common is “What did your mom say?”


Having a severe disease at a young age leads to a different relationship with your family than if you grow up healthy.  Siblings are taxed in ways that I don’t pretend to understand and in my case, they have risen to the call of duty and always been there with encouragement and support.  My parents were always at my side day in and out, with unwavering strength.


My husband, Craig (name meaning Crag or rock) is my rock.  He is not particularly ruffled by the ways in which IBD has woven itself into our lives.  He stands by me and belays me through the tough times.  At a moment of weakness when I asked him “What if I can’t do this ?”  He replied simply, “Why wouldn’t you ?”


My kids, also now have become part of my support team. They climb at the gym and continue to work because they understand it is important to raise money for the children in the hospital. Skyler (age 7.5) helped to put things in perspective and said “It’s not the Dawn wall”.  He later wrote a letter on my behalf  “Dear President Obama, my mommy is climbing a Big Wall.  Call her.  Signed Skyler”.  Robyn (age 7.5) said “I want to give my $3 where do I give that ?”

I showed her a video of the Leaning Tower which you can see at:




She said “It looks pretty. Nice view” and then offered the following advice “Don’t drop your sleeping bag off the ledge”.


Friendships are also stressed by chronic disease, but it is amazing how many friends of old and new have made contact by facebook, email or a pledge of support. To date, I have received 150 donations; too many to thank individually by this letter but know that each one is meaningful to me.  My long time friend Lesley said “If I didn’t know you so well….I’d think you were insane…but I know you are just so passionate about the cause. You can count on my support, as always. Xoxo “


New partnerships have been forged this season.  Stone Gardens pledged sponsorship early on.  Each week I train with Jimmy,  a Stone Gardens instructor who sets up complex routes so I can practice ascending overhangs and traverses. The whole staff has been there to support me and  Stone Gardens has made a generous financial contribution to the CCFA. When I inquired about holding a fundraising party at the climbing gym the owner enthusiastically replied “We can do it”. This climb couldn’t be a success without them.


So what did my mom say ?

She said “How can we help?


So, I continue to climb on.  Belayed through life by family, and friends and by my climbing partners at Stone Gardens.  I have no choice but to climb, “Why wouldn’t I ?


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Never, Never, Never Give Up,

With Gratitude,



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