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For Canadian Donors

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For Canadian Donors

Reference: www.globalgiving.org/canadian_donation.html


Tax Deductibility for Canadian Citizens

Only under limited circumstances can a Canadian take a deduction for a contribution to a U.S.

charity. There is currently a Canada/US treaty that provides for deductibility for Canadians

making contributions to U.S.-based organizations. In general, a Canadian may take a deduction

on their Canadian income tax return for a contribution to a U.S. charity only if they have U.S.

source income, and only up to 75% of that U.S. source income.

For example, if a Canadian does not have U.S. source income and donates to a U.S. charity, no

deduction is available. If a Canadian has $10,000 in U.S. source income and donates $1,000 to a

U.S. charity, the contribution may be fully deductible, since he/she has U.S. source income, and

the amount contributed is less than $7,500. Consult with an accountant or the Canada Revenue

Agency for more information.

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